Senin, 13 Februari 2012

Luna And Her Requested

Luna falls in love with Aril. I wonder what the draw of Aril, a definite .. Aril Luna felt 'different' than all the men ever closer to him.
So love Luna on Aril, like crazy ... Luna desperate and want to have it. Feeling that he had never had. During this time, he never thought to marry a man.
Luna every night praying and begging God: "God ... I love to make Aril immediately asked me ..".
Then, the next night Luna again prayed: "God ... made Aril my husband, I really wanted to be his wife". And so on. Until one night, Luna had a dream to see a grandfather. Grandfather was the incarnation of the Angel, who was sent by God to remind Luna to his prayers.
Grandpa: "Luna, do you really want to Aril be your husband?
Luna: "Yes grandfather, I love him and do not want to be separated with"
Grandpa: "Why do not you think your request again, is not far Aril often hurt you?"
Luna: "Yes Grandpa, but he had promised not to repeat them"
Grandpa: "Is not She often promised but also to repeat his mistake again?"
Luna: "One time he would change grandfather"
Grandpa: "I was just reminded, so you will not regret in the future" and the old man disappeared.
Until finally, one day ... Luna pregnant! So love Luna on Aril, to the extent that everything he had, given the Aril. Of starting material to ... honor. He even ignored warnings of close friends and those who loved her to immediately leave the Aril.
Long story short, eventually Aril "forced" to marry Luna.
Initially, Luna was so happy and grateful, because ultimately what is expected and dreamed of becoming a reality.
Over time prominent, Aril was never changed. Even as a husband and a father ... Aril often neglect their responsibilities. Luna is not only physical torture, but even mentally.
In his suffering day to day, Luna keep it to myself. He did not dare tell the trouble and embarrassment and problems on others. Also on my friends and people who "really" are very caring and loving. Although Aril not leave, but in their time together just the story on paper, but not in reality. What a wretched fate of Luna.
Until one day, Luna realized: What we want and we want to have, not necessarily good for us! It could even be the opposite, be backfire for us.
The conclusion of this story is:1. Be careful of what you want!

2. Do not ignore the warning, reprimand or advice from people around you .... even if it is your enemy! 
3. Pray to ask for the best for your life, not what you want. So, always make God your Master! Controlling your life, not what you want!
4. The life that we are, already at "LINE" since it first created a new earth ... live it ... destiny willingly. Because God must have had PLANS for us, and it is the BEST.

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