Selasa, 20 Maret 2012

Enough, I've got your attention

Sprinkle on rainbow clouds
At night the stars are spread
At a hug with the warmth of the sun
I found you

The seconds are shaky warm
World full of flowers and colors
In any words, sounds
Misleading hope and dreams

You made ​​me fall in love
At any script which was out of breath
At each node presence
No one else, all my inspiration is all about you

I've been given the chance find you
Know a little about you, the implied presence of any records
I no longer expect more
Enough, I've got your attention

On the distance and time stretching
That limit our meetings
Tyranny, contradictions, traditions ...
Enough, I've got your attention

Although when I miss you
only able to hold you in my fantasy
Enough, I've got your attention

Sincerity, weakness,
Also my love for you that may never return
Enough, I'm happy because it always gets your attention

In fact, when I find you lied
Betrayed, or abandoned later
Enough, I've been getting the attention you


for anyone who ever touched my heart ...

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