Minggu, 18 Maret 2012

No Answer

 I gave my first love my heart
Only for it to be crushed
With no answers

Every single moment that passed
Went through my mind
Over, and over

Memories of love, passion, lust
Confusion, stubbornness, and heartache
Thinking "What went wrong?"
No answers

Trying to get the fire back
I tried
Not knowing that he had

Forgot the past in so little time
But me,
Still clinging to what it was
What "we" used to mean

Didn't let go so easily
Tears shed
Voices shouting
A kiss shared
No answers

When I think back at what happened
I still wonder
"What went wrong?"

I still imagine that boy and that girl
Thinking, planning, wondering
I still can see those passionate kisses
Them each saying "I love you"
And truly mean it
And both thinking,

"I am completely in love with this person"

 No explanations to change of heart
No closure to what a simple sentence
Changed both of their lives
No answers!

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